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Changing tack in B2B Marketing

I came across a really good article and infographic on B2B online marketing recently that sets out the steps to take to build a compelling strategy for B2B marketing.

Why is it necessary to review your strategy?

Changes to B2B buying behaviour are accelerating with 94% of buyers doing their research online before contacting a salesperson (link), and sales organisations having to react to that much more informed customer base accordingly.

Google picked up on this in their “think with Google” series in March 2015, highlighting that traditional assumptions about target audience, marketing channel and marketing keywords were all being challenged in today’s marketplace.

So how best to promote and market to this more informed buyer?¬†circlesstudio¬†produced this interesting infographic step-by-step. Whilst I think it needs to be adapted to your business’s circumstances, I do think it provides a good framework for putting together a B2B marketing strategy.