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Mobile Commerce Growth

I came across this excellent infographic on the growth of mobile commerce globally from

The growth rates in the areas of mobile pay and mobile commerce sites; and the predominance of east Asian companies in the mobile commerce field particularly, suggests that companies who aren’t fully focused on mobile are missing a key market.

mCommerce-infographic_update_March16_w500px (1)

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Website Analysis – Wynsors Part Two

Having looked at the SEO, Design and Marketing presentation of the Wynsors site in part one of this analysis, I wanted to dig into the customer experience.

So, as I have an 8 year old who is constantly kicking out the toes of his school shoes, I decided to take a look at Wynsor’s offering in this area.

On Site Search

I began by searching for the cheapest pair of shoes on the site that would fit my son, a size 1. 

I also checked the mobile site, and found different results from exactly the same search – the two cheapest options weren’t available on mobile.

The search engine also had some notable flaws – if you mistyped the product you received an error message, there was no redirecting to similar results.


However, it’s at the checkout that Wynsors really fell down. Although the site claims it’s a 3 step process to checkout, it’s actually 10 – something which totally killed off the experience for me, and I believe is the single biggest reason that this site isn’t doing very well.

I won’t bore you with all ten steps, but suffice to say that several could be combined onto a single screen, and using the site on anything less than a 2Mb connection would be an awful experience.

Customer Experience Issues

Other customer experience issues I experienced on the site included

  • Delivery & Return costs. Although wynsors is a budget experience, it’s charges in these areas are greater than my local discount store, Brantano as well as those at the premium brand Clarks. When you’re shopping for an £8 pair of shoes, being presented with two different shipping options, without an explanation of the different service levels, is just confusing.
  • Guest checkout was available with Paypal only. Although the benefits to the retailer of guest checkout are great, and are well explained here, this is diluted if you can’t use your normal methods of payment.
  • Delivery address finder exists only on the mobile site, not on the main site. This is another barrier to the user checking out quickly.
So after reviewing the Wynsors site, these were my recommendations
  1. Redesign the site to a cleaner look and feel, with larger text
  2. Clarify the target audience and establish a clear marketing strategy to those potential customers
  3. Invest in a search strategy
  4. Invest in google shopping and an ebay shop to support the main site
  5. Invest in the search function to improve functionality on site and ensure that results are the same across mobile and desktop platforms.
  6. Simplify and shorten the checkout process, including an address finder on the main website.
  7. Open up guest checkout to all payment methods
  8. Address the delivery and return charges, and ensure they are at least competitive with similar websites.
Wynsors Revisited
Looking at the Wynsors site again, the homepage and checkout have undergone some redesign. The homepage retains the company branding at the top, but the framing is now white, lifting the image and product placement. The bright images for the womens, mens and kids styles compliment the page and give a fresh new feel to the user experience.
The checkout process retains elements of the original system, but is shorter, simpler and cleaner. However, the search function still has it’s old issues, so this remains a site which is work in progress.
Further reading
If you are interested in learning more about ecommerce design, checkout processes or user experience then these two articles are full of useful pointers.
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Fundamental Guidelines of E-Commerce Checkout Design – focused on reducing abandonment rates
If, after reading these blogs, you’d like me to take a look at your site, please email me or visit my website, as I’m available on a consultancy basis to analyse and support businesses in improving their websites.