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Update from NS&I

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Just a quick note to say how pleased I am that the work I did at NS&I; justifying and preparing the ground for an agile web operations team working with analytics and A/B testing to drive improved customer experience has paid off so spectacularly.

I found out this evening that some of the changes they have been able to drive on their marketing site have improved performance of page elements by 200%. It’s a real testament to the power of data driven change, and I’m proud to have played a small part in that process.

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Hi, thanks for visiting. I'm an eCommerce Consultant and I’ve built and driven websites in both ecommerce and ebanking to deliver increased growth and revenue by focusing relentlessly on improving the user experience. I'm a great believer that the digital world offers traditional and new organisations alike the chance to reinvent themselves, discover new markets and new levels of operational efficiency. On that theme, I spoke recently on the topic of eProcurement and it's place in the Digital Sales armoury of a modern B2B company at the B2B Online conference in London on 1st December 2015. I am available to advise on Digital and eCommerce strategy. Contact me here or call +44 (0)7545 392767

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